A legacy of service

The story of Nortons Paint is synonymous with one name: John Norton. In 1963, John Norton started selling paint out of a Shoprite, from a small 900sq ft stand. He quickly gained a reputation that would follow him for decades, a reputation for outstanding service. Whether his customers needed a small sample or paint for an entire home, he gave his undivided attention. Norton believed that his customer’s goals were his own, and he was committed to making sure they were happy with the results of their project. After seven short years his business had grown tremendously, and he moved the operation to its own location in 1970, where it is still located today.

The location changed, but his vision, the commitment to unparalleled service, remained the same. For over a half century, the business earned a place as part of the local community, and it has been proudly serving Paramus and neighboring towns for more than 50 years. In that time technology has evolved, paint has become more environmentally friendly, but good service is every bit as important. Today, in an age of “self-check out” aisles, Nortons Paint proudly retains its “old fashioned” service model. Your questions are answered by experienced staff who can help you navigate quality our product offerings to get the results you want for your project.

In August of 2013, Nortons Paint was acquired by Eagle Paint and Wallpaper, a family owned paint business in Englewood. Eagle Paint has its own rich multi-decade long history, built on the same vision and values. The merger of Eagle Paint and Nortons Paint has been a natural fit, ensuring that the children and grandchildren of John Nortons customers, can enjoy the same experience of those who met the man personally, decades before. (For more information on Eagle Paint, view their website at www.eaglepaintandwallpaper.com)

We are sad to report that on May 24th, 2014 John Norton passed away at the age of 97. Over five decades of hard work made lasting impressions on the people close to him. Whether they knew him from a customer perspective, worked along aside him, his family or those who considered him family – he made a lasting impression. In these memories, in his good deeds, in the business he started and poured his life into, he lives on. We are proud to be a part of this legacy, and pledge to carry on Mr. Norton’s attention to friendly customer service.